The Fragrance Bar

We stand out from the crowd; not only with the quality of our fragrances (we only sell Eau de Parfum), but from the unique buying experience we offer. All our fragrances are named after cocktails, after all, what else are fine fragrances but a skillful blend of oils and scents? In keeping with this theme, we decided to offer our fragrances directly from our hand built wooden bar. On artisan markets around the north west of England, we can be found with our perfumes on optics, ready to bottle our fabulous fragrances by hand, for each and every one of our customers.

Enjoy browsing our products online, and treat yourself with our artisan perfumes taking advantage of our fantastic value pricing. Better still, come visit us at our perfume bar, where you can find smaller batch fragrances not available on our website.

Thank you for visiting.